Mind Training Professional Institute
Corporate Training
Your business becomes "our" business, and your success becomes our success!
Our mission is to help you achieve, and even exceed, business goals and marketing objectives through strategic planning, effective people management through scientific mind training and development. We help bridge the gaps between:
Employer and employee
Employee and employee
The company and its customers
What is and what should be.
The secret to effectivly improve Staff Performance is through Mind Training.
Content of courses are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of each workplace;
as well as tailored-made to suit different requirements of enterprises/corporations.
Upon Successful Completion, a Diploma or Certificate is awarded.
Management Psychology
This training course aims to make management/supervisory levels understand & effectively use behavioral psychology in management purposes. By understanding your subordinates’ behavior & personality, and through effective communication & practical techniques; one can effectively motivate different types of employees; suitably allocation of jobs & formulating of company policies. The most important goal/objective of the management is not only make employees to do what they are instructed to do; but using their heart automatically doing what they really want to. By collective co-operation and mutual understanding, a harmony working relationship and environment can be achieved. As a result, staff performance & effectiveness can be highly improved; which finally will increase the company productivity and performance. The course will cover the following topics:

Understand the principles of Behavioral Psychology
Explore the types of leadership
Understanding the personality of yourself & subordinates
Establishing Rapport
The Magic of Communication
Behavioral Psychology practical techniques
Who Should Attend?
Management or supervisory levels who want to better motivate themselves & their subordinates
The Magic in Selling
The most effective course in “Selling” on the market! The only course in the market that GUARANTEE SUCCESS!
This training course aims at providing psychological means for sales or marketing people to improve their overall performance; thus increasing the overall productivity and profitability of the Company. Through effective Goal Setting and “installing” it into their subconscious mind, participants can be easily motivate themselves to work towards the goal. Knowing your customers and using magically communication skills can also greatly increase the successfulness on closing your deal and doing your business.
Stress Management for Sales
Effective Goal Setting & "Installation"
Motivation towards your Goal
Reading the Mind of your customers
The Magic of Rapport
The Magic of Communication
Behavioral Psychology practical techniques
[Group Therapy will be conducted by professional hypnotherpists during lessons.]
Who Should Attend?
Sales & Marketing personnel who want to increase their sales and achieve their goal to highly improve their performance.
100% Guarantee – If no improvement in overall sales in 6 months, course will be conducted again FREE OF CHARGE.
Motivating Your MIND
This course gives a background to participants on how to motivate themselves and subordinates on to "Achieve their GOALS" – for bringing more Success to the Company and Fulfillment to Life!
Your mind can create wonderful things for you - if you know how to use it and how to send the right messages to your subconscious. Did you know that doctors now firmly believe that 75% of all sickness and disease starts in the mind? 75 Percent! That's a very large amount.
The basic principle is that whatever your mind can imagine it can create. How does it do this? What your mind thinks, sees, believes, and feels is all sent to your subconscious mind -- its great partner.
Imagine if we could properly direct our subconscious mind? The results would be astounding! Your mind is an incredible power –
Who Should Attend?
Anyone at any level who wants to encourage themselves to take pride in a job well done
Anyone in any field of endeavor who wants to increase productivity, profitability, and personal fulfillment
Any sales team or individuals who want to improve overall selling performance
Creativity Brain Training
This course challenges participants to transform the imagined into the expressed. This introduction to – and practice with – a wide range of tools and strategies builds the foundation for personal growth, creative thinking, and innovation. Topics include:
Innovative techniques that you and your teams can use to generate new ideas
Fostering a work environment that stimulates creativity and problem solving
Secrets to inventing solutions to problems that would have stumped you in the past
Transforming individuals into an energized, creative team
Who Should Attend?
Anyone at any level who wants to unleash their own creativity and that of others to help generate fresh ideas, solve problems and make better decisions
Teams who want to work more effectively together or need to tackle specific problems
Stress Release in the Workplace
Stress related illness accounts for half of all time taken off work. Health in mind provides a range of courses centering on mental well being in the workplace. Courses include:
Understanding stress and its symptoms
Managing stress and depression
Promoting mental well being within the workplace
Managing mental health
Who Should Attend?
Anyone at any level who wants to release stress and work more effectively
MTPI trainers will:
Involve mental health service users and volunteers in the design and delivery of training sessions whenever possible
Act as a facilitator and enabler of learning
Enable participants to take responsibility for their own learning
Support participants to recognize and share their own experience and knowledge
Continually update and improve upon training through the use of feedback and evaluations for participants.